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node-globaloffensive - haveGCSession

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Hello, I'm using this library to check player's profiles, but sometimes (after a few hours of constant work) my variable 'haveGCSession' is set to false, and it doesnt want to auto-reconnect, script is running but when I'm trying to call 'requestPlayersProfile' (ofc before if (haveGCSession)) it says I dont have haveGCSession


How can I reconnect to game-coordinator?

sometimes script works good whole week without this error, sometimes I get it after 20 hours of run (randomly)


I tired to use: 'client.gamesPlayed([730]);' but it doesn;'t reconnect GC session

										if (csgo.haveGCSession) {
                                                                                   // MY CODE
                                                                                } else {
											console.log("haveGCSession is set to false");

I had this problem before: https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/2130-node-globaloffensive-after-v2-disconnect/


should I use client.relog();?

or maybe csgo._connect?

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GC sessions are weird and sometimes they go away without wanting to reconnect. That said, some changes have been made somewhat recently, so make sure you're up to date.

If you are, then I suggest detecting when that happens, and using gamesPlayed([]) then waiting a minute or two and launching CS:GO again.

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