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'TypeError: listener must be a function' on SteamUser.logOff()


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I'm currently writing a bot management system and stuck on disconnecting bots. Whenever I call logOff() function, I get an error that crashes my application.

        throw new TypeError('listener must be a function');

TypeError: listener must be a function
    at CMClient.removeListener (events.js:276:15)
    at SteamUser.logOff.SteamUser.disconnect (E:\Projects\steam-bot-manager\node_modules\steam-user\components\logon.js:151:14)

The line 151 of logon.js is:

 this.client.removeListener('connected', this._onConnected);

Any ideas why this happens?


P.S. I already tried handling 'error' and 'disconnected' events. No success.

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The only way I was able to reproduce this was by trying to log off without first being logged on. Please make sure you aren't doing that.


Yes, that was the problem. Thank you.

Is it supposed to behave like that? Maybe just make this function return false or throw an error in this case?

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