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Storage units (limits) and def-/paintindices


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Hey there,

I've been working with storage units for the past 2 days via the 'globaloffensive' module and it is working like a charm!

However there's a small problem: I would like to have a list (or something similar) with every item available for storage that matches the defindices and paintindices with actual item names.

Unfortunately my Google search didn't yield any results. I was so desperate that I also jumped into the items_game.txt file under csgo/scripts/items with hopes of parsing this mess, but was grounded very fast. 

Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?


On another note: Are there any rate limits if I just add/remove items to/from storage units? Only tested it with 15 items at a time (fetched the inventory once) on a bot and they were instantly added/removed.


Thanks in advance! 

All the best and stay safe

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I really wouldn't recommend that you try parsing item attributes and using them to determine what various items actually are. CS:GO is a complete mess and that's a really good way to go insane.

You're far better off keeping track of which items are which IDs before you put them in your storage unit.

I'm not aware of any storage unit rate-limits, but I do recommend that you wait for an add/remove request to complete before you issue the next one.

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Yeah, that's what I figured. I guess waiting for a request to complete would only be necessary for different items? I'll implement it and see if it takes considerably more time.


Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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