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[Laravel] - communicating with a steam bot


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Hey, could someone tell me, how should I communicate with steam bot through laravel/vue.js ?

Also where should I store the bots folder ? (I guess it should be somewhere outside the laravel project for better security and dont know how would I turn on the bot, but not sure, correct me if I am wrong)

For instance when a user clicks some button, I want to create trade-offer (where my bot gives to the user some item)
- bots folder is probably outside the laravel (not in laravel project, but somewhere in the server)
- i can call some function or ajax request from the click, but dont know what exactly should I do, how to commuicate with the bot

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Posted (edited)

So the bot should be outside the laravel project and to communicate with it I need to install http and express to the bots file ?
To be sure, Do I do something like this ?
(This http request is in laravel)
(port: 3000 is the bots http port)

Http::post('http://localhost:3000/send', [
tradelink: tradelink,
items: (some ids of items)

Then my bot get this and use posted array to create the trade offer ?

I feel like this is so complicated and not very secure :unsure:

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