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Is there any known way to split stacked items in inventory (RUST)?


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Hi Folks, 

I'm creating trading app with Java porting node projects.


RUST supports stacked items and I need to split them in my inventory. 

I didn't find anything related to splitting in your node projects. Is there any known way to split them at all?


Also I noticed that stack is automatically split after entering RUST game. Is this worth to debug RUST api calls? 

Is there any tutorial on reverse engineering Steam games?


Thank you

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Do you have any idea what "itemid" param stands for?


Tried to put assetId, but no success


Nevermind, I was using wrong SteamId, after putting correct one, splitting works as expected. 

You can use asset id as itemId. 

Interesting is that you can split only 1 item from stack at once request, so if you have 10 items, you will need 9 requests to separate them.


Thanks you so much, you saved a lot of my time!

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