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Seeking Review for Determining Prices of Steam Inventory Using Backpack.tf's API


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I created a gist [https://gist.github.com/IggsGrey/7faef598e77cfc0609682ad9eb0cb66a] illustrating how to fetch a user's inventory and price individual items using backpack.tf's API. For fear of misleading anyone, I would like some help determining if the procedure for determining item prices is correct. I am doing this because I noticed there are so few examples and implementations of steam and pricing in PHP. For backpack.tf for instance, I found literally no example available for determining prices from steam's inventory API. Any pointers would be helpful to help other devs to not suffer the way I did. (non-steam user who had to develop a steam inventory pricing app)

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Steam.php L31: You don't need to use an API key for this route. Also, requesting a count of items other than 75 or 2000 will run you into strict IP rate limits.

L73: You need to match instanceid in addition to classid. Same on L95.

L116: You need to check the item's description (the descriptions array) to see if the item is craftable. If it's not, it should contain a description with content matching something like "( Not Usable in Crafting )". Example item

Otherwise, seems like it looks fine.

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Great thank you!

I noticed some items also have descriptions with values such as "( Not Tradable, Marketable or Usable in Crafting )". So aside from strictly matching "( Not Usable in Crafting )" do i have to worry about regexing for these other values or can I ignore this since I am pre-filtering out items according to the tradable key.

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