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How am I exceeding steam api's rate limit?


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I want to get a steam user's CSGO inventory with this steam API and it works fine for the first 5-6 call. After that I get the error code 429, but I don't understand how I exceed the rate limit with this low amount of requests. I found this on steam: "You are limited to one hundred thousand (100,000) calls to the Steam Web API per day.", but I clearly did not make more than 100.000 calls.

import requests
import json

steamIDs = [
    76561198323251063, # Enyém
    76561199013264816 # Rolié

gameID = "730"

with open("valid_proxies.txt", "r") as f:
    proxies = f.read().split("\n")

def jprint(obj):
    text = json.dumps(obj, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
    return text

response = requests.get(f"http://steamcommunity.com/inventory/{steamIDs[1]}/{gameID}/2")

with open("data.txt", "w") as f:


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