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chatRoomGroupMemberStateChange event not triggering reasonably

Robert Lutece

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The code below uses the information provided by the chatRoomGroupMemberStateChange event to send a message through a chat group channel welcoming a user to the group.

async function groupListener() {
  await client.chat.setSessionActiveGroups(["XXXXXXXX"]);
  console.log("Group set as active.");

  client.chat.on("chatRoomGroupMemberStateChange", async (details) => {
    if (details.change === 1) {
        const personas = await client.getPersonas([details.member.steamid]);
        const accountid = details.member.steamid.accountid;
        const steamID64 = details.member.steamid.getSteamID64();
        const playerName = personas.personas[steamID64].player_name;

        await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 2000));

        await groupComment(0, accountid, playerName, "Welcome to the group!");

✔️ If the bot is online and a user joins, the message is sent. If the user then leaves the chat and rejoins it, the message is sent too. 

 However, if a joined user exits the chat while the bot is offline and then rejoins while the bot is online, there is an error: 

Error: Request timed out
    at Promises.timeoutPromise (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\@doctormckay\stdlib\components\promises.js:12:12)
    at Promises.timeoutCallbackPromise (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\@doctormckay\stdlib\components\promises.js:87:25)
    at SteamUser.getPersonas (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\friends.js:323:26)
    at SteamChatRoomClient.<anonymous> (USERPATH\steambot\Trashbot\trashBot.js:555:41)
    at SteamChatRoomClient.emit (node:events:512:28)
    at SteamUser.<anonymous> (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\chatroom.js:1186:12)
    at USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\classes\HandlerManager.js:35:12
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at HandlerManager.emit (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\classes\HandlerManager.js:34:12)
    at SteamUser._handleMessage (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\03-messages.js:641:25)
    at SteamUser._handleNetMessage (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\03-messages.js:562:8)
    at SteamUser._processMulti (USERPATH\steambot\node_modules\steam-user\components\03-messages.js:693:9)

Further leaving and rejoining throw no errors.

Why is this the case and how can I fix this anomalous behaviour?

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3 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

Sounds like Steam isn't replying to the getPersonas call. You might possibly need to add a short delay to give Steam time to realize that you share a chat room with the user you're requesting data for.

It is working a little better now, but it still feels a bit clunky. I guess it is fine as it is. Thank you.

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