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Guard code in app


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I use machinesAuth to avoid requesting the access code from the application again after the first login when, for example, the bot is restarted.
But here's what I noticed, if the account is confirmed via mail - then after login a file with machine is created, but if the account is confirmed via application - then after login only cellid-***.txt is created and when logging in again it asks for the code from the application. I have looked everywhere, but did not find the answer to my question.

I also noticed that the machineAuthToken event is triggered only when a code is requested from mail

I use node-steam-user 5.0.4

const Account = new SteamUser({
    dataDirectory: "./data",
    machineIdType: SteamUser.EMachineIDType.AccountNameGenerated,
    autoRelogin: true

    accountName: 'login',
    password: 'password'


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14 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

Machine auths are not issued for accounts that are using mobile 2FA. If you want to log on to such an account without providing a code, you'll need to use a refresh token.

Thanks for the reply.

I made the system via tokens, but when the user logs in via code from mail, it creates machineAuthToken.name.txt
I tried passing the machineIdType field to the SteamUser instance: SteamUser.EMachineIDType.None, but the file is still created, is there any way to disable this?

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