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CEconItem.actions[] link is unusable ?

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I am intending to append the float value for each item in a CEconItem[], and I needed the inspect link in order to access this data, for the https://github.com/csfloat/inspect repository. It states that we need the A, D properties in order to call the endpoint, or a valid inspect link.

However, the inspect link returns a value like this from the .actions[] array,


the S, and A properties are just filled in with a placeholder, which results in an invalid inspect link and I'm wondering how to resolve this.

I tried to derive the A property from the a assetid property on CEconItem (having A & D properties seems to be sufficient) , however the link was still not valid using the tool mentioned above. WIth a valid inspect link

Let me know what you think



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2 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

You need to provide the asset owner's SteamID as well. The linked repository only indicates that S is optional because you need either S or M (M is used for market listings).

Okay, that individual item endpoint works, but now I realize a bulk method is more important as iteratively calling this endpoint is quite inefficient, and can take up to 5 minutes with an extremely large inventory, so I require the actual steam inspect link via the /bulk POST endpoint.

What I did was replace the %owner_steamid% , and %assetid% keywords in the inspect link, so instead of it looking like 



it now looks like




now it works beautifully. Thanks!

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