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Get current map of steamid


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This is one of those things that has multiple solutions, and even then won't always work. For example, CS:GO by default won't announce game server IPs to Steam friends, so you can't see what map someone is playing in CS:GO if they haven't enabled that client-side option. However, for games that do announce to Steam, this is probably the easiest way:


1. Call GetPlayerSummaries for the user in question to get their game server SteamID (e.g. "gameserversteamid": "90104923353593862",)

2. Call GetServerList to look up the data for that server (e.g. https://api.steampowered.com/IGameServersService/GetServerList/v1/?key=xxx&limit=1&filter=\steamid\90104923353593862)


This will give you the data for that server:

	"response": {
		"servers": [
				"addr": "",
				"gameport": 27015,
				"steamid": "90104923353593862",
				"name": "Meta Construct - how do u carate your charecter",
				"appid": 4000,
				"gamedir": "garrysmod",
				"version": "16.04.30",
				"product": "garrysmod",
				"region": 3,
				"players": 37,
				"max_players": 123,
				"bots": 0,
				"map": "gm_construct_m_222",
				"secure": false,
				"dedicated": true,
				"os": "l",
				"gametype": " gm:sandbox"
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