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Hi, I was wondering if there exists some list with Steam Rate Limits?
Like that website keeping track of Steam Error (https://steamerrors.com/)

I think this would be very helpful for developers to be as efficient as possible and not exceed any limits.

However, I am not sure if Steam is always consistent with its rate limits.

For example, a steam key activation cooldown varies between 15-60 mins (I think).

Anyway, if there doesn't exist such a list already, we could start one here (and eventually create https://steamrates.com)

I think I figured out some rates:

requestFreeLicense  50 liceses per account per 25 mins
createAccount       3 accounts per IP per 1.5 mins
addPhoneNumber      30 accounts per phone number per week
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I've gotten my hands on a large number of steam keys of games I don't own, and I did some precise testing for key redeeming limits. Here are my results:

  • Per 60 minutes: Limit of 50 activation attempts (result = fail OR ok), but 10 activation fails limit
  • Cooldown of 60 minutes starts after the activation that hit the limit
So, for example, within an hour you will get rate limited after 45 OK and 5 Failed activations.
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