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  1. Yup, that worked. Thanks for your time and amazing work!
  2. For debug purposes, I didn't know that. I'm using this code to log offered items log += `their items: ${offer.itemsToReceive.length} - `; if (offer.itemsToReceive.length > 0) { for (var i = 0; i < offer.itemsToReceive.length; i++) { log += `\n #${(i + 1)} - ${offer.itemsToReceive[i].name} | ${offer.itemsToReceive[i].type} | ${offer.itemsToReceive[i].market_hash_name}`; } } But always return undefined #1 - undefined | undefined | undefined #2 - undefined | undefined | undefined It's very strange, I tried the same code earlier in my laptop and worked fine. I have n
  3. Just tried that, no changes { "appid": 753, "contextid": "6", "assetid": "16658463991", "classid": "2353210051", "instanceid": "0", "amount": "1", "missing": false, "est_usd": "5" } Would it make any difference if I delete the appdata folders?
  4. Hi!, here you go const SteamUser = require(`steam-user`); const SteamCommunity = require(`steamcommunity`); const TradeOfferManager = require(`steam-tradeoffer-manager`); var steam = new SteamCommunity(); var client = new SteamUser({ enablePicsCache: true, changelistUpdateInterval: 60000 }); var manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, community: steam, language: `en`, globalAssetCache: true, savePollData: true, cancelTime: 60000, pendingCancelTime: 30000 }); I tried 'en' and 'es' as language. Also deleted node_modules folder and reinstalled all fresh but can't
  5. Hi all! Newbie question, I've declared the language in the constructor, but I'm not getting any item name in the 'newOffer' event. This is the rawJson I get from incoming offers { "tradeofferid": "4514010558", "accountid_other": xxxxxxxx, "message": "test offer", "expiration_time": 1617915913, "trade_offer_state": 2, "items_to_receive": [ { "appid": 753, "contextid": "6", "assetid": "16638623730", "classid": "2353210051", "instanceid": "0", "amount": "1", "missing": false, "est_usd": "4" }, { "appid": 753, "contextid": "6", "assetid": "1663
  6. Happened last night. Should report it as bug or it was some random error? I have no clue of what triggered that, since that account doesn't have any friends that sends chat messages, and I wasn't online. PS: Sorry for bad english
  7. Very nice! Thanks Vanilla PS: I love you
  8. I didn't think on that xD. But will it show me as connected on steam? I need to handle chat messages too
  9. Hi all! Is there any way to idle a game without showing it and just appear as connected in steam? I've tested client.gamesPlayed([0, apptoidle]); client.gamesPlayed([apptoidle, 0]); client.gamesPlayed(['', apptoidle]); client.gamesPlayed([apptoidle, '']); All of them show that I'm playing ${apptoidle} or non-steam game. I need this to change apptoidle periodically without sending notifications that I'm playing any game. Thanks in advance for any help
  10. I missread here, I thought this applies to trading cards aswell Copied from this post: https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/332-identifying-steam-items/ I'm testing and all seems fine! Thank you
  11. Oh I've read in other topic you made that market_hash_name may not be present in every item, I will try with market_fee_app. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new to node, js and steam related scripting, so thanks Dr McKay for the place. I'm trying to make some logic for a card trade bot, but I can't find a way to get the appid of the game to which belong the trading card. I've already debbuged all the properties of the items in a trade offer, but no one match what I'm looking for. The closest I got was by using the numbers which precede in market_hash_name, but this is not a constant in all trading cards, so I need some advice to continue my project. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for my bad english!
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