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  1. Thanks. Is it possible to log into the client via proxy? Is it possible to use client.gamesplayed with proxy? Is it possible to play game/idle in-game hours with proxy? Is it possible to check what is the IP that the bot is connecting with Steam? "client.publicIP"?
  2. Hello, Please tell me if I am right. BOT logs into Steam in two stages. Stage 1: BOT logs into Steam Network/Steam Client. Stage 2: BOT logs into Steam community. I know how to connect bot to Steamcommunity using proxy, but how can I make BOT log in to Steam Netwok/Steam client using proxy? Is it possible to send and receive trade offers without logging BOT to steam client? Does Steam bot always have to log in to Steam client? " "Current Steam Login" will always be displayed when the bot logs in to the account?
  3. Violating Steam terms of service. Sending and receiving a lot of one-sided offers.
  4. Hello, I ran a BOT and it had 40 steam accounts connected to it. All of my 40 accounts were banned in the same time. How can Steam detect and link those accounts among each other? I was using: - Each account was registered via different IP. - Each account had unique phone number, email, password, name, etc. - Funds were added via Steam gift cards or paysafecard codes. - Each account was logging to Steam via proxy. Each account had different IP. - I was logging to accounts via web browser with VPN (different iP's), incognito mode, cleared cookies each time. Even though those safety precautions all accounts were banned at once. How could accounts be linked? EMachineIDType - it should be probably set to "None". What else can I improve? Please give me some suggestions.
  5. Pip

    Steam bot banned

    That is not what I am asking for.
  6. Pip

    Steam bot banned

    "Your account has been blocked for violating the terms of the Steam User Agreement. Based on exchanges, community notifications, and other factors, we've identified that the account was used for commercial purposes."
  7. My accounts were banned on 1st of April too.
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