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    Steam update

    I meant websocket steam. As "wss://{id}-sto.cm.steampowered.com/cmsocket/" They use "Binary Frame", this is the problem for me
  2. makcc666

    Steam update

    Has anyone already successfully connected to their Websocket?
  3. Hey. I want to thank for the creation of "Opskins express trade". Will the function of deposit of things from STEAM directly into "Opskins express trade" be introduced? It was-would be incredibly convenient! There are too many now (has not anyone noticed this?) Intermediate actions: Go to OPKSINS send items from STEAM Select them on the inventory page OPSKINS Click "add to the courier trade" Oh, well, time to spend on it. Therefore, I want to send things from STEAM immediately in "express trade": We open a trade link "express trade". Choose items from the pair and confirm the trade McKey, what do you think about this? I would like to know
  4. This is the script from the number of added \ deleted items (initial value 1). Check original script: https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/public/javascript/economy_tradeoffer.js?l=english UpdateTradeStatus: function() { g_rgCurrentTradeStatus.version++; RefreshTradeStatus( g_rgCurrentTradeStatus ); }, Called within these two functions:: "RemoveItemFromTrade" and "SetAssetOrCurrencyInTrade".
  5. STEAM equally bans paid and free (public) proxy. The only difference is the safety and speed of the bot
  6. Tell me please, what other libs or versions have you tried? Is there such a problem with this lib
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