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  1. Merry Christmas guys, hope you all have a nice night!. Good vibe, and look at the positive things there is to see. Take care you all. Rami.
  2. Tnks a lot doc!, very appreciated for the patience answering, Have a great week! Rami~
  3. Hello world :3. I'm trying to catch any posible error output when i login. First i tried with try catch, but it didn't work in any way i tried, then investigating i got to know that it needed to be done by adding an event listener to the error event, but when i try to implement the event listener, i get the error that evenlistener is not a function: client.logOn.addEventListener("error", function(err) { if ( err ) { console.log('Critical error!!!!! '+ err + ' Check data of:'+client.steamID) } }, true); Since i already did this post, i'll add one more question; How can i call the value from a diferent place, for example if i want to show the value of "limited" from client.on('accountLimitations'), and call it in a fs.writefile that i have inside client.on('loggedOn', i have to do it by making a global.limited, or how can i?, the other way i tried was client.accountLimitations.limited, but it always gets a undefined or null result. Sorry for the bother and noob questions :v Thanks for taking the time to read my problem. Have a great day.
  4. Tnks for the reply! I only use the api for the bot, the only other place in where i have put it, is in https://steamapi.xpaw.me/ to get the automatic reference, but i don't think that that can make any other particular load or use it more than to generate the automatic reference. Tnks again!, i'll exit SDA, change the ip, and if there is no diference, i'll let it rest 2-3 days, change ip again and check what happens. Have a great week! Rami.
  5. Hi, well..Good day, i'm Rami and i'm using; Nodejs: 10.16.3 steam-totp: 2.1.1 steam-tradeoffer-manager: 2.10.1 steam-user: 4.12.4 steamcommunity: 3.41.1 The thing is, i get error 429, A LOT. I know that 429 is what you get when you pass the ratelimit, and send too many request, BUT, hear me please. [01:34:33] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:34:43] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:35:15] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:35:25] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:35:36] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:35:46] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:36:08] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:38:03] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:38:13] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 [01:39:17] - [Bot] Error polling for trade offers: Error: HTTP error 429 And goes on... i just cut it there cuz i was afraid of some type of vac xD. const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); const SteamTotp = require('steam-totp'); const SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); const TradeOfferManager = require('steam-tradeoffer-manager'); const Config = require('./Util/Config'); let bot = new SteamUser(); let social = new SteamCommunity(); let manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: bot, language: 'en', pollInterval: 10000, cancelTime: 900000 }); let logOnOptions = { accountName: Config.accountName, password: Config.password, twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.getAuthCode(Config.sharedSecret), }; bot.logOn(logOnOptions); bot.on('loggedOn',() =>{ console.log('Working!'); bot.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); }); bot.on('webSession', function(sessionID, cookies) { manager.setCookies(cookies, function(err) { if (err) { console.log(err); process.exit(1); return; } console.log("Api is Ok"); }); social.setCookies(cookies); }); manager.on('pollFailure', function (err) { console.log("Error polling for trade offers: "+err); }); 1) I deleted the old made Api just in case, and i'm using a new one. 2) It's only this bot (1). 3)And i'm only logged in the acc, accessing with nodejs. 4) The bot is on stand by, not geting any trades, just runing that few lines, and get's 429. 5) I got the Shared Secret and Identity Secret from SDA, but from those i keep geting that there where clock problems, and could never get the code to make trades with it, so i downloaded WinAuth, and got new SS and IS, that even atomatically login with no need to manually put the code, like i needed to do with the SS and IS from SDA, so i'm using those of WinAuth. 6) I changed the PollInterval to 20,000, but even like that i keep geting the 429. From all my code, i was // or /* and */ diferents blocks of it, but it's does it nonetheless, and only goes away if i remove the "webSession", even if i only run the showed code, but that obviusly is not a fix. Can it be a problem caused by SDA?, i already unchecked all the options in SDA of regular checks or automatics responses, and i already erased WinAuth, but i didnt delete SDA mobile ver, and put the mail ver back cuz i don't want to lose a week of test if possible. I already read everything I found, but there was no actual fix, or i don't know that much, or maybe understod what it sayd.. For what i have read, it's pretty clear that there is very few one can do to fix it, and maybe the problem is just steam, but i'm asking just in case, maybe i I misunderstood something, and did something wrong. Is the code OK?. Is Steam fault, and i should not mind, or there is something i can try to not have that error?. Can it be the SS and IS that are in some way problematic? There is a fix, or there is only a limitation implementation to not get vac'ed? It's been 2 days since my last sleep lol, so i apologise in case i made a mistake or something sounds out of place. Have a grat day, and even if you cant help me, if you are reading this, thank you for your time. Rami.
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