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acceptConfirmationForObject is not working


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I'd been trying to get the acceptConfirmationForObject working with below code 

community.acceptConfirmationForObject(checker, extraObj["trade_id"], function (err)
							if (err) 
								console.log('called transferItem here 7.01 acceptConfirmationForObject got error \n'+util.inspect(err, false, null));
								console.log('called transferItem here 7.02 acceptConfirmationForObject succesfull ');

But it keeps giving me this error: 

It looks like your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is providing incorrect Steam Guard codes. This could be caused by an inaccurate clock or bad timezone settings on your device. If your time settings are correct, it could be that a different device has been set up to provide the Steam Guard codes for your account, which means the authenticator on this device is no longer valid.
The steam-community version I've is 0.2.2 and when I check for latest available with this command npm view steam-community versions the highest it gives is 0.2.2 while the least version that's needed is 3.27.0 as written in doc https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/wiki/SteamCommunity#acceptconfirmationforobjectidentitysecret-objectid-callback
Not sure even though I've very low version than why is even community object giving me that function and why in version list it shows the available version up to 0.2.2? 
Do I've to upgrade all other modules to get the latest version? 
In between rest of the things with trade are working fine and even the shared secret is working for auto login without asking for steam guard code and the time in steam guard device and my server is same so please help me figure out what is the issue. 
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Yeah the module I'm using is steamcommunity and is 3.34.1 so I think that's fine. 


My identity secret must be correct though not get it working so far, but I took it from same file from where I took the shared secret and the shared secret is working since last 1 month and generating steam guard code for auto login so identity secret should be correct. 


I think issue might be with clock, but I'd also checked that the server where the bot is installed and my iPhone device both clock are same up to minute accuracy. 


Is there any methods to debug and figure out if clock is wrong?  

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Just downloaded the stable version is 3.5. Doc says there is exe but I got none when I extracted the zip, I checked all the folders. Am I missing something, do I need to build it on my own? 


In between thanks for your help and reply

Use this link, it is working for me https://github.com/winauth/winauth/releases/download/3.5.1/WinAuth-3.5.1.zip

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