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  1. It is not, I was thinking of something like this: client.logOn({ "accountName": username, "password": password, "auth": steamGuardCode });
  2. Is it possible to parse the steamguard auth code in a variable?
  3. I actually don't know. But probably as you have to assign it as a new authenticator
  4. Do you need help? Don't hesitate to DM me on discord then! (McMuffinDK#5901) I would love to help you the best i can
  5. Use this link, it is working for me https://github.com/winauth/winauth/releases/download/3.5.1/WinAuth-3.5.1.zip
  6. Try use winAuth to get your identity and shared secret and see if that works
  7. Yes, i would say so. Notice that the max limit is 5000
  8. Try to add setTimeout with a few sec and see if it helps, might be called too early
  9. client.getServerList(NULL, 100, (servers) => { console.log(servers); }) You can find information about filters here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Master_Server_Query_Protocol#Filter
  10. You can get it from the CEconItem object that you can get using node-steam-tradeoffer-manager
  11. The shorter one is used with the item's market id wich (if i got it right) is hard to get. The long one is in the tradeoffer object that is sent and therefore a lot easier to use
  12. Use this <img src="https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/image/{theitem img link}/256fx256f">
  13. I am trying to get my CS:GO inventory with getInventoryContents(appid, contextid, tradableOnly, callback). My full code is: "use strict"; const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); const SteamTotp = require('steam-totp'); const SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); const TradeOfferManager = require('steam-tradeoffer-manager'); const client = new SteamUser(); const community = new SteamCommunity(); const manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, community: community, language: 'en' }); var steamLogOn = { accountName: 'FancyUsername', password: 'VerySecurePassword', twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode('Shared_Secret') }; client.logOn(steamLogOn); client.on('loggedOn', () => { console.log('[Steam] Logged in'); }); client.on('webSession', (sessionid, cookies) => { manager.setCookies(cookies); community.setCookies(cookies); }); manager.getInventoryContents(730, 2, true, (err, inventory) => { if (err) { throw err; } else { console.log(inventory); } }); The error i get is: /var/www/bot/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/users.js:374 "uri": "https://steamcommunity.com/inventory/" + userID.getSteamID64() + "/" + appID + "/" + contextID, ^ TypeError: Cannot read property 'getSteamID64' of null at get (/var/www/bot/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/users.js:374:60) at SteamCommunity.getUserInventoryContents (/var/www/bot/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/users.js:370:2) at TradeOfferManager.getUserInventoryContents (/var/www/bot/node_modules/steam-tradeoffer-manager/lib/index.js:293:18) at TradeOfferManager.getInventoryContents (/var/www/bot/node_modules/steam-tradeoffer-manager/lib/index.js:281:7) at Object.<anonymous> (/var/www/bot/test.js:34:9) at Module._compile (module.js:660:30) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:671:10) at Module.load (module.js:573:32) at tryModuleLoad (module.js:513:12) at Function.Module._load (module.js:505:3)
  14. I think this happens because you login elsewhere. This also happens if you login on two computers, using the steam client
  15. Maybe as a workaround use offer.data('cancelTime', 864000000);? (Equal to 10 days)
  16. I am not sure, but i think you need ti change the line to this: offer.cancelTime(null);
  17. I don't think so, I tried quick and it returned an error about access headers: Failed to load https://steamcommunity.com/market/priceoverview/?appid=730&currency=3&market_hash_name=StatTrakā„¢%20M4A1-S%20%7C%20Hyper%20Beast%20(Minimal%20Wear): No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'example.com' is therefore not allowed access. I am working on a nodejs module to do this, so if you are interested i can tell you when it is ready to launch
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