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in CSGO when you click on a friend whilst they are ingame you can request to watch the match, is this something node-globaloffensive can achieve too?


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I had posted this as an issue in github, but this feels a more appropriate platform to ask this question.

I'm aware that node-globaloffensive cannot watch a csgo match and other tools will be required, 
but this button on a friend in CSGO shows: "Watch game in progress" does something to the CSGO client, that it launches the demo viewer



Whilst node-globaloffensive can't watch, can it receive the details to then delegate it to another tool / library?


Does anyone has insights or experience?
Or just a direction to start looking into?



Kind regards,



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Watching a match involves connecting to GOTV likely using Steam's datagram relay. Honestly, that's a lot of complexity that's probably not really worth reverse-engineering. I've yet to look into retrieving demos of previous matches, which is likely much easier.

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@Dr. McKay I think valve blocked that out (to block external services from analyzing matches automatically, so they can sell their own stats service?) you now need a API auth key to access those (?) correct me if I'm wrong







The main reason I'm asking, is because I'm trying to "watch" dangerzone matches, and these do not show up in the recent matches,

so the only way to know the outcome of a DZ match is to "watch" it, or demo record it then analyze it?


Unless I'm overlooking something

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