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Is bypassconfirmation broken for addPhoneNumber?


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Hey, calling this function with bypassConfirmation to true still send the email confirmation with the link that must be clicked.

Am I doing something wrong or did I misunderstood the parameter? Or maybe it's just broken?

store.addPhoneNumber(phoneNumber, true, (err) => {
  if (err) {
  	reject(new Error(`Failed to add phone number: ${err.message}`));
  } else {
    logInfo(`Confirmation sent to phone number: ${phoneNumber}`);


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The docs are actually really terrible on this and don't properly explain what this does. It doesn't bypass the need to confirm adding the phone number.

When you add a number on the Steam UI, sometimes it throws up a warning message but allows you to proceed. I can't think of a case where this happens off-hand, but you used to be able to use VOIP numbers, though you would be warned that using a VOIP number is less secure than a true cell number, but you could click OK and continue. bypassConfirmation is what controls whether these errors come through to your Node app (false = fail with those errors, true = ignore them).

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