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  1. Hello, I released some donation/trash bot and most of time everything is working fine, processing a lot of trades without any problems (only accepting gift trades), but lately I got weird problem, session expiring 1 second after new trade my console logs: [18:35:09] - Processing trade 3459285622 [18:35:10] Session expired - relogging [21:56:28] - Processing trade 3459471951 [21:56:29] Session expired - relogging how I handle it in my bot: const community = new SteamCommunity(); const manager = new SteamTradeofferManager({ steam: client, language: 'en', community }); community.on('sessionExpired', () => { console.log(`[${new Date().toLocaleTimeString()}] Session expired - relogging`); client.webLogOn(); });everything works good, but sometimes getting this error and my bot stuck (should I remove community from manager?) edit: I noticed I wrongly used community in const manager
  2. No one will help you with auto commendbot and reportbot.
  3. Hello, I'm using Steam card bot, but lately I got weird problem with memory usage. Usually process using about 200MB RAM, but lately I got a lot of cards - about 100,000 and I did a lot of trades, my VPS is limited to 1GB memory, and my process going up to 1000MB+ and killing my VPS session.
  4. I still can't figure out how to write code who will force kick other session. I even tried to edit library and do: this.kickPlayingSession(doTheThing); but still getting error: Cannot kick other session Please help
  5. I'm using this code on local script now (VPS session is running with diff IP): bot.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Offline); bot.gamesPlayed(this.games, true);but I'm still getting error on local PC with 'LoggedInElsewhere' and VPS session is untouched, what should I do if I want to kick VPS session during launching my idle scrip on local PC? I edited something for test and force is undefined in console log SteamUser.prototype.gamesPlayed = function(apps, force) { if (!(apps instanceof Array)) { apps = [apps]; } var self = this; if (this._playingBlocked && force) { this.kickPlayingSession(doTheThing); } else { doTheThing(); } console.log(apps); console.log(force); function doTheThing() { self._send(SteamUser.EMsg.ClientGamesPlayed, apps.map(function(app) { if (typeof app === 'string') { return { "game_id": "15190414816125648896", "game_extra_info": app }; } if (typeof app === 'object') { return app; } return {"game_id": app}; })); } };
  6. Hello, I don't really know if I'm doing it right. I have VPS (where I idle steam game hours) and I have 2 the same idle scripts on VPS (different IP) and on local PC. Sometimes I need to run idle script on local PC without killing session on VPS, but I getting error: LoggedInElsewhere, and I can't login with local PC, so I decided to try kickPlayingSession. using this script: click bot.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Offline); bot.kickPlayingSession((callback) => { console.log(callback) }); bot.gamesPlayed(this.games, true);then I getting crash in my app with: Error: Cannot kick other sessionbut orginal session getting error too: LoggedInElsewhere, but its not crashing can you please help me what I'm doing wrong here.
  7. Hello, how can I get this message: using this: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-globaloffensive which GC msg receing it?
  8. is there any method to find group by ID64? I know how to grab groupID64, for example: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/multiplay/memberslistxml/?xml=1 but if somebody change URL, how can I find group with only ID64?
  9. Hello again! so I tried today grab at least matchID from current match, but to be honest I don't have idea how to do it, can you PLEASE give me solution for it... [EDITED]
  10. Hello, I'm not really familiar with coding, I want to ask you something. Currently I'm using this bot: https://github.com/luk1337/vapor-report/blob/master/commend.js to sending custom request for commending player without joining to server I wanted to ask you, can I do this comined with your steam-user and node-globaloffensive library? or its not possible?
  11. sorry for bothering you, will you support this change soon?
  12. Please add this option it's new. https://steamcommunity.com/my/edit/settings
  13. ye but I guess user needs to have public/friends only profile, its easier to get group members and compare it with offer.partner, anyway this method 'getGroupMembers' depends of steam (they refreshing every 5-10 min group members - I tried to refresh .xml manually)
  14. I have same problem, my bot checking if user is in group with every trade, but list doesnt refresh :/
  15. Hello, I have a few accounts linked to manager, and I noticed oAuth logins expiring after 1 year after add, and now these accounts which I added 1 year ago, giving me HTTP 401 errors, I need to relog again with steam guard code and it works again. is there any chance to prevent expiring oAuth logins after 1 year?
  16. oh I get it now, thank you if (status == 'pending') { // We need to confirm it console.log(`Offer #${offer.id} sent, but requires confirmation`); community.acceptConfirmationForObject(config.identitySecret, offer.id, function(err) { if (err) { console.log(err); } else { console.log("Offer confirmed"); } }); } else { console.log(`Offer #${offer.id} sent successfully`); } used this and works good!
  17. Hello, I'm using card bot (lvl up bot) with public source code everything is working fine, but I want to do this bot more effective this bot using: community.startConfirmationChecker(10000, CONFIG.IDENTITYSECRET); and I don't like this method, I trying to use acceptConfirmationForObject, but I think I'm doing something wrong community.on("newConfirmation", (CONF) => { console.log("## New confirmation."); community.acceptConfirmationForObject(CONFIG.IDENTITYSECRET, CONF.id); });because if I remove "community.startConfirmationChecker" my trades are not accepted when I use: "community.on("newConfirmation", (CONF) => {" I don't even see console logs with "console.log("## New confirmation.");" did I do something wrong? I want to remove startConfirmationChecker and using only acceptConfirmationForObject
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