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    PonyExpress reacted to vrtgn in EYldRefreshAppIfNecessary failed with EResult 55   
    These are both different endpoints, the deprecated loadUserInventory is giving you a response because it is not used as much due to it being unstable. 
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in EYldRefreshAppIfNecessary failed with EResult 55   
    If loadUserInventory works more reliably for you and you're okay with the possibility of things breaking as a result of using a deprecated endpoint, then go for it.
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in Will the CS key be tradeable?   
    appid, contextid, assetid, classid, instanceid, amount, name, market_name, market_hash_name See this guide id Same as assetid pos Not always present; this is the item's position in the user's inventory (starting at 1) background_color Hex code for the background color rendered for this item in the Steam inventory name_color Hex code for the name and border color rendered for this item in the Steam inventory icon_url Append this to https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/image/ to get the item's image descriptions Array of objects containing human-readable description text lines tradable, marketable Self-explanatory type The text that goes under the game's name to the right of the square game logo in the Steam inventory when this item is viewed commodity Determines whether this item's Market listing uses buy orders exclusively (true), or individual listings with the possibility to submit buy orders (false) market_tradable_restriction Length in days that this item will be untradable after it's bought on the market market_marketable_restriction Length in days that this item will be unmarketable after it's bought on the market tags Array of tag objects; tags are used in the Steam inventory for filtering is_currency Always going to be false except for some Spiral Knights stuff (I think). You really don't want to deal with currencies, trust me. fraudwarnings Array of warnings that will be rendered in red when this item is viewed. If fraudwarnings exist, the item gets a red (!) icon in the Steam inventory
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in Some small questions   
    getUserDetails cannot be called unless an offer is active, so you need to use it before you send a counter offer.
    Using the counter() method will return a new, unsent trade offer object which, when sent, will be sent as a counter offer. Each offer can only be countered once, so if you try to send two counter offers (either by calling counter() twice or by calling duplicate() on a counter offer), it won't work.
    In essence, the ID of a trade offer sent to you can be used in place of a trade offer access token (sort of, not literally) in order to send a trade offer, but only once. Once you send one counter offer, the original offer goes into "Countered" state and it can't be countered again.
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    PonyExpress reacted to vrtgn in How can I create an event?   
    I'm not so sure about what you're trying to achieve or how you can handle multiple events. 
    To send an event is called 'emitting'.
    So you can do:
    this.emit('event-name', event-params) What are you making and what are you trying to achieve? Give some more description.
    Learn more about events here. 
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    PonyExpress got a reaction from DLC-EM_exchangebot in Trade URL   
    Get your trade offer url:
            community.getTradeURL((ERR, URL) => {             if (ERR) {                 console.log(ERR);             } else {                 console.log(URL);             }         });  
    Get another user's trade offer url - I don’t think it is possible. But you can send a counter offer:
    The user sends you any trading offer You make a counter offer: manager.on("newOffer", (OFFER) => {     let trade = OFFER.counter(); Usage example:
    << Just send me a trade offer by using this link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?for_tradingcard=470480_10&partner=192485611&token=Fj1qrxzG  . In a few seconds, you will have a new trade offer from me. >>
    You will not be able to inform the user about the error if he is not in the list of your friends.
    For this test to work you must have 10-20 cards, public profile, public inventory etc. Otherwise, you will not receive any response.
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in editProfile removing background   
    This is a known issue. I haven't gotten around to adding proper support for showcases yet.
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in Problem with memory   
    Memory usage is pretty normal on accounts with a lot of trade offers. The module caches asset descriptions in order to avoid slamming the API and using up your quota of requests on asset description retrieval.
    If you want to minimize memory usage, you need to omit a language in the constructor and keep track of whatever data you might need yourself.
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in Some small questions   
    That might work, but I wouldn't recommend using it as you'd be calling decline on offers that might have already been accepted. I would use offerList and check the creation time of the offers.
    I don't understand the question. sentOfferChanged is being emitted multiple times for the same offer with state 3?
    That looks correct.
    Actually, no. That's a bug. As a workaround you can use getUserDetails on the original offer that you're countering. Also, you should never reassign itemsToGive or itemsToReceive. Use the add(My/Their)Item(s) methods instead.
    You can't. You need to call it once per appid/contextid.
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    PonyExpress reacted to mar71n in Using editProfile-Function kicks out other settings of my profile   
    Whenever I use this function, I do lose my profiles background and also a custom textbox that i have setup manually. Do i need to hardcode those or is there a way of ignoring them?
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    PonyExpress reacted to Revadike in Get Steam profile comments   
    Nah, you don't have to scrape comment page to get comments. You can do it by using blotter html api for comments, like this: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/issues/208
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in Check what was sent to user   
    If you use the new client.chat.friendMessage method, the callback or promise response will include modified_message, which for a /random message will be something like:
    [random min="1" max="1234" result="1095"][/random] v4.1 will parse this BBCode for you, but until that's released you'll need to parse it yourself.
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    PonyExpress reacted to Dr. McKay in BREAKING CHANGES: steam-user v4 now available on npm   
    Beta 2 fixes OS capitalization.
    New chat stuff does not yet have docs, but all the methods have jsdoc. SteamChatRoomClient is available as a chat property of your SteamUser instance, e.g. user.chat.sendFriendMessage(steamID, "/flip")
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    PonyExpress reacted to KillStr3aK in Chat formats   
    I want to ask about the new chat things like /spoiler /random /code etc.. or the old chat emotes
    How the bot can use them?
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    PonyExpress got a reaction from roughnecks in Accept friend request sent in offline   
    client.on("webSession", (sessionID, cookies) => {  
    for (let i = 0; i < Object.keys(client.myFriends).length; i++) {
            if (client.myFriends[Object.keys(client.myFriends)[i]] == 2) {
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    PonyExpress got a reaction from Dr. McKay in User Comment Limit   
    I found the answer myself:Limit always = 1000,
    but when using any emoticon, need to add +2: I will leave examples to make this clearer:
    12345=5 aBcDe=5 :::::=5 :rc:=4+2 :tumble:=8+2 :bumble:=8 (because it's not a emoticon, it does not exist on Steam)It is absolutely not important whether you have emoticons in your inventory or not. It is important only whether they exist in Steam or not.
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