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  1. In this code, we just get the last 2 digits of the level, divide it by 10, and round to a smaller one. (example: level 789 = 89 / 10 = 8.9 = 8 = cherry) It does not require special api / packages.
  2. // 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 let colors = ["Gray", "Red", "Orange", "Yellow", "Green", "Blue", "Lilac", "Pink", "Cherry", "Brown"]; client.on("friendMessage", (SENDER, MSG) => { client.getSteamLevels([SENDER], (ERR, CURRENTLEVEL) => { if (!ERR) { console.log("The color of your level is " + colors[Math.floor(CURRENTLEVEL[SENDER] % 100 / 10)]); } }); });
  3. Thank you for the information, but I would like to draw attention to this again: 2. In addition, I conducted this experiment several times: let notFriendSID = "76561198042084472"; manager.getUserInventoryContents(notFriendSID, 730, 2, false, (ERR) => { if (ERR) { console.log("getUserInventoryContents ERROR: " + ERR); } else { console.log("getUserInventoryContents OK!"); } }); setTimeout(function () { manager.loadUserInventory(notFrie
  4. In about 50% of the cases when I try to get a CSGO inventory, I get EYldRefreshAppIfNecessary failed with EResult 55. manager.getUserInventoryContents(SID, 730, 2, false, (ERR, USERINVENTORY) => { If I try to open my friends CSGO inventory using Steam, I will also get an error "This inventory is currently unavailable. Please try again later." in about 50% of cases. But, if I offer a trade - the inventory will be available. Why does this happen and can I use another method to get inventory? Left image (profile - inventory), Right image - trade offer.
  5. I'll just leave it in case someone needs. // For test: let CONFIG, SENDER = "76561197983852931", amountOfKeys = 10; CONFIG.ACCEPTEDKEYSCS = ["CS20 Case Key", "Prisma Case Key", "Danger Zone Case Key", "Horizon Case Key", "Clutch Case Key", "Spectrum 2 Case Key", "Spectrum Case Key", "Gamma 2 Case Key", "Gamma Case Key", "Glove Case Key", "Chroma 3 Case Key", "Operation Wildfire Case Key", "Falchion Case Key", "Chroma 2 Case Key", "Chroma Case Key", "Operation Vanguard Case Key", "Operati
  6. Hey. I wanted to know if there is a way to find out if the User's inventory has been changed? Without a second inventory check. Maybe there is a way to get an inventory hash or item count? Suppose the following situation: User uses command !CHECK The bot receives the user's inventory and gives information. User uses command !SELL The bot receives the user's inventory and and sends the trade offer. I would like to get rid of the second inventory check and use the first (I save it). But there may be another situation: User uses command !CHECK
  7. Thank you for your quick response. Is there any information about all the properties? I would like to know more about the differences between market_hash_name and market_hash and some others.
  8. Can I check which key the user has: The key can be tradable in 7 days (Old key) The key was bought in the game and it can not be traded or sold never (New key) Here are the data I get using manager.getUserInventoryContents(FRIEND_SID, 730, 2, false, (ERR, DATA) Old key: CEconItem { appid: 730, contextid: '2', assetid: '18042278743', classid: '3737821870', instanceid: '143865972', amount: 1, pos: 1, id: '18042278743', background_color: '', icon_url: '-9a81dlWLwJ2UUGcVs_nsVtzdOEdtWwKGZZLQHTxDZ7I56KU0Zwwo4NUX4oFJZEHLbXX7gNTPcUxuxpJSXPbQv2S1MDeXkh6LBBOi
  9. client.chat.sendFriendMessage(sid, "You are deleted. Bye-Bye!", null, (err, response) => { if (err) { // nothing } else { client.removeFriend(sid); } }); I think this should work. Or not?
  10. Thanks. If anyone wants to solve this problem for their bot, here is a temporary solution: const client = new SteamUser({ "language": "english" }); client.delayMessage = function(sid, msg, type) { setTimeout(function() { client.chatMessage(sid, msg, type); }, 1000); }; // Replace all "client.chatMessage" to "client.delayMessage"
  11. Hello! In the last 2-3 days there is an (Steam) error when the user does not receive messages from the bot. Messages are successfully sent and will be found in the user's chat after the client reboots. I noticed a pattern: this applies only to messages that are sent instantly (usually such as !help / !prices). The user may not receive such messages. The user will always receive messages with any delay (usually such as !check / !buy) when the bot needs time to make a calculation (However, the user may still not receive messages such as "I'm fulfilling your request, please wa
  12. Thanks. I stopped on this option: function GoTrade(SENDER, MSG, OPTIONS) { // SID, MSG, { OFFER, trade or tradelink } let trade; if (OPTIONS.offerdata) { // trade = OPTIONS.offerdata.counter(); // old trade = OPTIONS.offerdata; // NEW } else if (OPTIONS.tradelink) { //TODO: } else { trade = manager.createOffer(SENDER); } trade.getUserDetails((ERR, BotDetails, USERDETAILS) => { if (ERR) { // ... } else {
  13. I still have a problem using getUserDetails Should I use getUserDetails before OFFER.counter ? Or maybe i can use for (let trade), which i create? Could you check and tell me the best option that I should use? Thanks! manager.on("newOffer", (OFFER) => { OFFER.itemsToGive = []; // removeTheirItems(OFFER.itemsToReceive); OFFER.itemsToReceive = []; // removeMyItems(OFFER.itemsToGive); //NOTE: Should I do this? // OFFER.getUserDetails((ERR, BotDetails, USERDETAILS) => { // if (ERR) return; // });
  14. Yes. I'm trying to simulate the friendMessage event. I want to use it like this: client.on("friendMessage", (SENDER, MSG, FROM_NEW_OFFER, OFFER) => { // or: client.on("friendMessage", (SENDER, [MSG, FROM_NEW_OFFER, OFFER]) => { if (MSG == "help") { // to do something if (FROM_NEW_OFFER) { OFFER.to_do_something(); } } }); manager.on("newOffer", (OFFER) => { client.emit('friendMessage', OFFER.partner, "help", "F
  15. Thank you, it looks like what I need. But I can’t figure out how to do it. client.emit('friendMessage', new SteamID('76561197983852931'), "help");
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