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    Steam update

    I also cannot connect into my websocket. Getting error ECONNRESET
  2. I noticed that when you have language: 'en' in the constructor and have a big inventory the bot will be Killed Is there a way to retrieve the name of the item in a different way?
  3. Thank you so much! It looks like I'm gonna add all of the cards data manually since there isn't any public api that does it for me. One question tho: Does this site have ALL of the cards that are available?
  4. Hi, I'm trying to add Full Card Sets in a trade offer. Say, the command to request card sets is !set 10, the bot will send 10 Full Card Sets. I'm not sure how to tell the bot how many Cards make a Full Set. Would I need to use an API or some sort of a database with all the existing sets? I would appreciate any help, thank you!
  5. I'm trying to get user details on a message. The problem is that if the user changes his profile (name,location,etc) the bot will have to reset in order to update those values.. [Here's my code](https://pastebin.com/7pq0rJqC): I get it that the bot gets the caches version of the steam profile page, but is there a way it can update it every couple of minutes? The only alternative I have my mind is logging a different bot that'll update those details & then send them to the main bot, but that's way too much to do each time I get a new message..
  6. This could be considered as spam, so I wouldn't do it that frequently or at least be more cautious about doing that
  7. Hi, I'm trying to get all of the Received offers that are active. I read here about the function https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-tradeoffer-manager/wiki/TradeOfferManager#getoffersfilterhistoricalcutoff-callback but I don't think I'm using the time object right. Here is my code: https://pastebin.com/SZcx0dwn What's the right way to do that?
  8. My Json file looks like this: {"TotalItemsTraded": {"TotalKeys": 0} } Json is called: 'TotalSold.json' How can I update it's value? I'm trying to add an integer to 'TotalKeys' (Another function is calculating everything and im just trying to update the json file value)
  9. I'm definitely going to look into VPS protection, thanks! Speaking of protection, do you know if it's possible for users to Inject malicious code through the steam chat? Or does Steam take of that?
  10. The bot is currently ran &hosted on my PC just until I finish testing it, and I have a few questions before I host it on a sever: 1) Where should I host my bot? What's the best server host in terms of reliability / performance? I heard some people talking about DigitalOcean being a good host, is that so? 2) How much RAM do I need? Assuming I have 100+ friends using the bot regularly and the bot itself is pretty simple (kinda similar to what Trading Card bots do but with a much smaller item database of accepted items) - How much RAM (or other hardware requirements) would I need? 3) Are my config.json & other files(where I store my sensitive information) safe? Do I need to encrypt the sensitive information on a different file? (A guide will be extremely helpful) 4) Is it crucial that my code isn't the most efficient? Or is it based on how much RAM the server have? I appreciate any help! Thank you
  11. I wasn't aware this was not allowed, because I see many card bots doing that. So thank you for the info & also the code! Edit: On a second thought, I'll try to code a script to check if I already left a comment on a specific user's profile today, that way it won't be considered as spam
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