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Userscript for steam-twofactor-server not working anymore


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Hey, you'll probably notice since you use it and I could probably come up to a fix by myself but it's just to point that your userscript doesn't works anymore since your current Steam name is now displayed at the top right of the screen instead of your steam account name, leading to an incorrect request url to the server

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Hey McKay, thanks for your work fixing this project quickly.


However the solution you released using https://doctormckay.github.io/steam-twofactor-server/ doesn't seem to work with multiple session, would it have an update?

To make it more clean, I'm handling multiple accounts via a session manager browser extension where each tab is a dedicated session. Let's say I log my main account A normally, then open B and C from dedicated tabs with sessions. Everything works fine so far, but when the userscript redirect to https://doctormckay.github.io/steam-twofactor-server/, it always show me logged in as A, no matter if I'm confirming a trade from A, B or C.

Do you have any idea on the issue and potential fix? Thanks

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I assume you're talking about Firefox's container tabs or some such feature in another browser. I'm not aware of any way to work nicely with that; cross-origin userscript requests originate from the userscript manager's background page, which doesn't run in any tab context.


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