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  1. some user inventories are really big, and the module would be doing lots of requests to steam, so if only a single one request fails, it would have to start all over again, to have a few extra attempts to that specific request if we receive a mailformed response or a common http error would be realy cool
  2. // A bit of optimization; objects are hash tables so it's more efficient to look up by key than to iterate an array var quickDescriptionLookup = {}; function getDescription(descriptions, classID, instanceID) { var key = classID + '_' + (instanceID || '0'); // instanceID can be undefined, in which case it's 0. if (quickDescriptionLookup[key]) { return quickDescriptionLookup[key]; } for (var i = 0; i < descriptions.length; i++) { quickDescriptionLookup[descriptions[i].classid + '_' + (descriptions[i].instanceid || '0')] = descriptions[i]; } return quickDescriptionLookup[key]; } This part of your node-steamcommunity, i meant the "quickDescriptionLookup", if the target inventory has to many descriptions, it could overload ram right? like for instance some target inventory with 100k items or something..
  3. ok cool, what about the steamcommunity module, this proccess is the same about the getInventoryContents? i saw that you made a temp var to load the target inventory, but if the target inventory is to big it can pretty much overload the ram as well right? would be cool to have something alike to keep control of ram usage if it doesnt exist yet, also thanks for the quick responses =D
  4. Im using savePollData:true on the constructor, so my dataDirectory is already seted right?
  5. so basicaly if i down a bit the asset cache values, i would use less ram, but the polling would be done slower? this doesnt sound that bad, but how badly this will impact the performace?
  6. I was doing some tests in one of my projects that use this module, and i noticed that de polling sometimes requests to much ram, after get further the module in github, the "problem", seems to be that to much information is cached in the LeastUsedCache(), this happens only when there is a that bot account has to many items i suppose.. so having that in mind, i have a question that can possibly lower the ram usage, what if we use a mongoDB or something alike to store that data intead(as an option to implement of course), this would only be useful in some cases like mine, but it might improve a little the ram usage, and also would be possible to store more data for more time if needed.. i could have did it myself and test it to see if is worth it, but i'd rather see you guys thoughts first, and also the possibility of this to be implemented in the module by the @Doctor himself, if the results seems to be good
  7. For Steam Mobile Auth: client.logOn({ "accountName": username, "password": password, "twoFactorCode": steamGuardCode //Steam Guard Code Generated by steam-totp });For Steam Guard email code: client.logOn({ "accountName": username, "password": password, "authCode": code //Get somehow the code sended to your email, and put it here });You can see more detailed information HERE
  8. if is anyone interested in this, i have managed to make it work by setting up the Steamcommunity session cookies in a request.jar(), and changed the URI to the target account vaniyUrl.
  9. I just noticed that a few level up bots dissapear, and a few others got banned, so, valve is banning bot accounts for random reasons now? anyone have a clue of what is going on ? any information is welcome!
  10. community.httpRequestPost({ "uri": "https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/" + client.steamID.getSteamID64() + "/ajaxsetshowcaseconfig", "form": { "appid": 730, "item_contextid": 2, "item_assetid": 11692952310, "customization_type": 4, "slot": 0, "sessionid": sessionID }, "json": true }, (err, response, body) => { console.log("err:", err); console.log("body:", body); }, "steamcommunity"); I'm trying to play a little with the profile showcases, the idea is to make a change in the item that are showed in a desired slot, but for some reason it doesn't work, all the data passed in the POST are definetely right, you guys have an idea on how to make it work?
  11. Sometimes when i use getUserDetails(), i receive the error: has declined your trade request. why i'm getting this error, and how may i avoid this?
  12. There is any limit in getUserInventoryContents() ?, i mean, steam rate limits or anything that may freeze my bot, or may cause errors?
  13. Yeah i know what this error is about, but my question is, will the node-steam-user try again later if bot can't login cuz have rearched the RateLimitExceeded ??
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