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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! So I've been working on a bot that will invite people to a steam group when they accept the friend request, my following question for this is if it's possible to add random people. For an example: One person adds the bot, then we add all their friends from their friendlist and so that cycle goes on. If you got any ideas then please hit me up. I'll also import my code below. // DEFINES const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); const config = require('./config.json'); const client = new SteamUser(); // CONFIGS var message = "Hello, would you like to be kind and join my steam group? :)"; var messageNoReply = "Sorry, but this account is a bot. We can't answer you :("; var delay = 2000; // LOGIN const accountInfo = { accountName: config.accountName, password: config.password }; client.logOn(accountInfo); client.on('loggedOn', function(details) { console.log("Logged into steam successfully!"); client.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); }); // REQUEST MANAGER client.on('friendRelationship', (steamid, relationship) => { if (relationship === 2) { // ACCEPT PENDING ERQUESTS console.log("Accepted friendrequest from: " + steamid); client.addFriend(steamid); } if (relationship === 3) { setTimeout(function() { // SEND MESSAGE & INVITE TO GROUP client.chatMessage(steamid, message); client.inviteToGroup(steamid, config.groupID); console.log("Action against: " + steamid); // REMOVE FRIEND setTimeout(function() { client.removeFriend(steamid) console.log("Removed friend: " + steamid); }, 5000); }, delay); } }); // FRIENDSLIST client.on("friendsList", function() { console.log("%j", client.myFriends); }); // REPLY WITH NO-REPLY MESSAGE client.on('friendMessage', function(steamid, message) { client.chatMessage(steamid, messageNoReply); }); Thank you all for helping around within this community!
  2. Hello, bot successfully accepts first trade offer but does not accept next day or second offer; my console log is : trade offer status : undefined.
  3. some user inventories are really big, and the module would be doing lots of requests to steam, so if only a single one request fails, it would have to start all over again, to have a few extra attempts to that specific request if we receive a mailformed response or a common http error would be realy cool
  4. Hello, I was messing around with the UIMode status and saw that VR was missing, This file hasn't been touched since 1 Jun 2016 so I also assume you haven't revised it or looked into it at a later given time? I was wondering if you could revisit it and perhaps add it if possible? Thank you regardless, https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user#setuimodemode
  5. Hey. I found a method to get steamApps of account. Would be great to see that in CSteamUser methods . Cookies must be provided. const xml = await new Promise((resolve_, reject_) => { this._community.httpRequestGet( `https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/[U:1:69762859]/games?xml=1`, (err: Error, result: any) => { if(err) reject_(err); resolve_(result.body); } ); }); //Sometimes iam getting ":0:" id part by SteamID.getSteam3RenderedID() and this method isn't work. //So i just replaced it with ":1:" and it works well at least on my tests.
  6. When I call this API in the browser http://api.steampowered.com/IPlayerService/GetOwnedGames/v0001/?key=steam_key&steamid=my_steam_id_64&format=json I get { "response": { "game_count": 2, "games": [ { "appid": 304390, "playtime_2weeks": 20, "playtime_forever": 20 }, { "appid": 654310, "playtime_2weeks": 20, "playtime_forever": 20 } ] } } Which is correct You can confirm by seeing my profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/auto-bot TF2 doesn't show up as it is free I guess. but when I call client.getOwnedApps(); I get an array of 207 appIDs out of which 204 are the ones that steam adds by default. So what I wanted to ask was that Is there any way I can only get the appIDs of games that are present in my account. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Recently i find out that you can use norender=1 argument to disable html render, example: https://steamcommunity.com/market/search/render/?norender=1 It seems much easy to parse json output =)
  8. Would it be possible to recognize card by their game? So you would be able to see them as sets. I don't think this feature exists. And if it exists how do I use it?
  9. I didnt want to submit an issue, because i dont know if its by design. By default the language for the steam-tradeoffer-manager is not set If somebody wants to set it, they need to set it up manually var SteamTradeOfferManager = require("steam-tradeoffer-manager"); manager = new SteamTradeOfferManager({"language": "en"}) ---- When the language is not set, some properties of the trade offer are not accurate. itemsToGive and itemsToReceive show the correct appid, contextid, assetid and classid which is important however marketable, commodity and market restrictions are showing wrong info, all those are false (0). i understand that setting up language will show different descriptions and names in some regions. and by not setting the language, you dont get extra info, which saves bandwidth, and speeds up things. So maybe its useful to set the language to "en" by default.
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