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Found 12 results

  1. I'm trying to reconnect the user and I'm handling all possible errors. As you can see in the logs, the first module I wrote in the stack trace is `SteamAccountClient.login()`, which calls `client.logOn() (a method from steam-user)` This image shows the code for `SteamAccountClient.login()`. It's wrapping `client.logOn()` in a try-catch block, so no error should've be thrown. I noticed an internal use of the `logOn()` method within a timeout, but without any try-catch block. This could be why my app is crashing, even though it's shown in the stack trace.
  2. I understand the workings from the documentation, but it would be beneficial to update the examples with a functional bot that automatically logs in again whenever an issue arises. I have a bot that employs the autoRelogin feature in the Steam user. I resort to webLogon when the session expires or when an error stating ‘not logged in’ is thrown during trade creation. I utilize proxies and there are instances when the proxy connection fails or when the Steam servers are down. During such times, the bots are down and they do not automatically log in again when the connection is restored. I would like to understand when is just necessary to use webLogon and when is neccessary relog or logOut logOn. Now these methods are documented but in different places.
  3. Greetings, everyone. I have a task to realize login to steam via http requests. There are few options in public search, one of the popular ones is: 1. GET request 'https://steamcommunity.com/login/getrsakey/?username=yourusername' 2. Then get publickey_mod and timestamp 3. Do encryption using RSA. This is the most interesting part, as I have tried many encryption options. This is what my last encryption code looked like: const NodeRSA = require('node-rsa'); let password = "mypass"; const result = { publickey_mod: 'publickey_mod', publickey_exp: "010001", }; const key = new NodeRSA(); key.importKey({ n: Buffer.from(result.publickey_mod, 'hex'), e: parseInt(result.publickey_exp, 16), }, 'components-public'); const encryptedPassword = key.encrypt(password, 'base64'); Because using many encryption options I always get the error that 'Password or login is incorrect', reading 'node-steamcommunity' I didn't find any encryption there. Maybe someone has an encryption option, or another way to do authorization on http requests. I would be very grateful.
  4. steam-user : v. 4.27.1 steamcommunity: v. 3.44.3 Hi, I'm logging into the bot via steam-user and refresToken and after finding webSession, cookies are not valid / setCookies still return Not Logged In. SteamCommunity _checkHttpError return status code 302 redirection to /login Anyone have similar experiences ? steamUser[item.id] = new SteamUser() steamCommunity[item.id] = new SteamCommunity() tradeOfferManager[item.id] = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: steamUser[item.id], community: steamCommunity[item.id], domain: 'localhost', language: 'en' }) steamUser[item.id].logOn({ refreshToken: item.steam_session_token, logonID: 67 })
  5. I miss proxy, like steam-user Error events probably not working I have subscribers for error event but still my console dying (same with wrong pass, but I fix with .catch on .startWithCredentials) node_modules/steam-session/dist/helpers.js:17:15
  6. Hello. i'm trying to use steam-user for the first time. used it for a bit to login to my account (but failed to log in about 10 times because my stupid butt forgot my password). i finally logged in successfully then logged out. now i want to login again but i get: Error: RateLimitExceeded what is the rate limit for this action and when will i be able to login again? Thanks!
  7. I have tried out the node-steam-user and node-globaloffensive package but I've logged in manually till now using username and password. Now I'm changing the manual login method to O-Auth/openid just like the "login with steam" feature on this site. Is there a way to use the logOn function of node-steam-user package by using the result obtained from the o-auth login. Because as far as I know, o-auth login only provide some profile info and steam ID. But I don't think that will be enough for the lognOn function to log in. My main goal is to login the user through steam and extract it's profile information obtained from node-steam-user and node-globaloffensive packages. But many functions in both packages, specially the node-globaloffensive package functions require to call the logOn function first and connect to game cordinator. Thankyou in advance for the help
  8. Hello world :3. I'm trying to catch any posible error output when i login. First i tried with try catch, but it didn't work in any way i tried, then investigating i got to know that it needed to be done by adding an event listener to the error event, but when i try to implement the event listener, i get the error that evenlistener is not a function: client.logOn.addEventListener("error", function(err) { if ( err ) { console.log('Critical error!!!!! '+ err + ' Check data of:'+client.steamID) } }, true); Since i already did this post, i'll add one more question; How can i call the value from a diferent place, for example if i want to show the value of "limited" from client.on('accountLimitations'), and call it in a fs.writefile that i have inside client.on('loggedOn', i have to do it by making a global.limited, or how can i?, the other way i tried was client.accountLimitations.limited, but it always gets a undefined or null result. Sorry for the bother and noob questions :v Thanks for taking the time to read my problem. Have a great day.
  9. Hi Doc, My session almost always loses their connection to steam after sometime. Does node-steam-user automatically try to restore that connection? And if not how can I do this myself? Thanks.
  10. "First of all, I'd sorry for my writing cause i'm not from a country that using english language." Hi, i'm stucking with a problem for days. I'm buiding a resell website that using steam account to login (may i call steam passport?) . And the problem is that new user sometime can login into website via steam but sometime cant. My website using asp.net with Openid provider When i debug , the data-information steam null but when everything pass threw i receive the data like usual. http is using now as my website.
  11. Hello, i want to implement proxies in my bot so i can be a little more safe about hitting the api request limit. I found out that you have to use the same ip for all request once you login, so should i relogin and use a different ip everytime i want to load the inventory or should i i do it when i detected the response is null? Is there a better way of doing it? Thank you.
  12. I have a code to obtain cookies: community.login({ ... login data ... }, function(err, sessionID, cookies, steamguard){ fs.writeFileSync("cookies.json", JSON.stringify(cookies)); }) (Sorry for this format of code, writing post from phone. And to be clear i am receiving any login error) Then i take cookies file and proceed to the main app. manager.setCookies(cookies, function(err){ if(err){ throw err; // getting Not Logged In } ... }); (manager object is being set at the start of the code) why manager.setCookies requires to be logged in, when i am providing valid cookies?
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